julija paškevičiūtė

screenshots from various short films

Short films and video installations are often a way for me to preserve the situational nature of my art practice, at the same time it is where I can merge all the ‘interdisciplinarity’ and beyond into one piece. Mostly all of the films share the love of observing nature, I’m perpetually in awe, so the fascination continues.

Feel free to reach out to request a possibility to see them :)

-Creature Responsible 2019 Marseille - Bremen, duration 7’51 

-Seeing and Hearing and Seeing and Hearing 2017, Nice, FR, duration 9’46

-Vegetation Walk 2016 Luxembourg, duration 7’20 Co-created with Anouk Chambaz

Here is a Vortrag Walk’ - a video lecture for the Meisterschüler*innen programme at the Academy of Arts Bremen. 

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