julija paškevičiūtė

-plant matter- found materials- landscaping workshops-mixed media drawings-ceramics-video installatio-birthday parties- a short experimental documentary in process-

Carys Cook
From the A 

A crop that reaches maturity in a relatively short time, filling a gap between harvests. often planted as a substitute for a crop that has failed or at a time when the ground would ordinarily lie fallow.

A garden that was sprouted on the rooftop of a temporary project space ‘From The A’ in Bremen. The former garden artefacts, seeds, and decay were transported to Künstlerhäuser in Worpswede, Haus 6 and its surroundings to take new shape, begin new cycles.

The garden started its life in temporarily available grounds in the city. Contributing to the urban flora landscape, restricted in containers, elevated, far from the ground. To transport the garden to the countryside would be to offer the garden a new perspective. Offering roots the right to roam, pollen discourse between native and suburban balcony plants, an altered architectural landscape sculpted by the silhouettes of plants situated by the human hand.

The garden in all its stages has offered a platform and inspiration for artistic development and production. It has offered a space for gathering, discussion, working with clay, drawing and body work.

The garden continues to roam, to grow, as well as the art works and initiatives alongside. 

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